Anya Zhang, Level 10 SR

Sabrina Kogan, 1st all-around level 4 child C

Ashley Wang, 1st all-around level 4 child B

Rachel Lee, first all-around level 4 Junior A

Mya Tam, 3rd All-around level 6 Child C

Angie Zhu, 1st all-around level 8 JR

Anya Zhang, 1st all-around level 10 SR

Amanda Dai, 1st all-around level 9 SR

Amanda Wang, 1st all-around level 9 JR

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•Winter Wonderland•

On the last weekend of January, over 200 competitors of all ages came together at our Needham facility to celebrate their passion for rhythmic gymnastics. Organized by our head coach Ionela Bobrischew, the competition lasted for three long days and Rhythmic Dreams emerged with fantastic success at every level! Our team had first place all-around champions in Levels 3, 4, 8, 9, AND 10! This competition hosted the top gymnasts from the East Coast and we are so proud of this success. A huge congratulations to our coaches : Ada Moisescu (Level 3), Maya Mashatina (Levels 4-7) and Ionela Bobrischew (Levels 8-10)! Check out the full list of scores for each level below, plus some awesome action shots from the competition carpet.