Every gymnast left happy and well-exercised! We hope to see you all next year at camp, and we are looking forward to a wonderful school year! Check out some more photos of our level 5-10 team training this summer below:

Even our youngest participants (some as young as 3 years old) have a great time learning and sometimes even coming up with their own routines! What a wonderful way to promote creativity and exercise! 

Claire Lee, who will be competing level 5 in the 2015-16 year, showing off her amazing toes and knees! Maybe she's born with it- maybe it's Rhythmic Dreams! :)

One of the girls' favorite activities is photo-bombing their friends' cool gym shots. Here you can see a few of these instances! A very impressive backgrabbing from Serena, and some nice oversplits from coach Maya's team!

When it comes to the end of the week and show time, even the coaches are willing to wear silly costumes!

Isabel, level 7, showing us what it means to be a rhythmic gymnast!

Liza Odikadze, who is  a level 7 gymnast for the 2015-16 competitive season, in her beginning pose for her ribbon routine

Everyone loves going to the pool! This summer we brought the whole gym to the pool and took over the scene! The girls love swimming  to cool off from the hard work that goes on in the gym.

Coach Ada's end-of-the-summer  team pool party! It's always nice to hang out with the gym friends outside of the gym!

The girls decorate the pool deck with our team name! Proud to be a Rhythmic Dreamer!


Although it can get toasty in the Needham gym, Summer Camp 2015 was a huge success! From spraying each other with cool mist from bottles around the gym, to playing Marco Polo at the neighborhood swimming pool, the girls found many ways to stay cool, active, and most importantly: MAKE FRIENDS AND HAVE FUN! Check out these awesome photos , and make sure to share any of your own with us on our Facebook page!

Good luck to all of our competitive team gymnasts this year- we have more competitors than ever before! Stay tuned to find out about upcoming competitions so that you can come cheer on your teammates!

Our impressive level 8-10 team  stretching at the barre. These girls are wonderful role models for all of the youngsters at the gym. They are so hardworking and are walking examples of elite gymnasts!

While the gymnasts are working hard learning new routines, our coaches are working even harder to choreograph and teach numerous routines each week! Here, head coach Ionela choreographs a hoop routine for one of her level 8-10 gymnasts!

Amanda Wang again demonstrating her flexibility with an immaculate back-grabbing balance

Maria's ball routine pose

Ballet helps with strength and balance, and is critical to maintaining good posture. Here our flexible level 8-10's are stretching at the barre.

Maria Brasoveanu posing with her elegant relevé

Amanda Wang and her beautiful back-grabbing

Strength and flexibility are two of the most important skills to work on in rhythmic gymnastics. Here the team is doing controlled cheststands in unison!

Aria Liu and Karen Chen being symmetrical with their wonderful back-grabbings.

By the end of the summer, Coach Maya and Coach Rachel were very sad to say goodbye to their campers!

Coach Maya after a hard day's work at the gym. Although it can get difficult, a long day at the gym is always very rewarding.

The girls love to have fun with the coaches during breaks and pool time!

Isabel Xue, who is level 7 for the 2015-16 competitive season, in her beginning pose for her next year's hoop routine!

Some of our new level 3 gymnasts: (left to right) Ella Sanya and Masha! The girls are very excited to show the new routines they learned while at camp this summer!

The intermediate group has been working very hard at learning their new and exciting choreography from coach Giorgia