Rising Stars Classes

We offer Rising Stars classes for all ages and levels.  This program is a a great fit for those who are just starting practicing rhythmic gymnastics, at any age, or for those who want to continue the sport at a low key pace, with once/twice per week practices. These classes aim to maintain or improve flexibility and fitness and to have some fun along the way! From first grade to high school, we offer Rising Stars classes fit for your level--a class that will build on the skills you may have already acquired already from dance, skating or previous gymnastics training.  It's never too late to start rhythmic gymnastics, and never a good time to stop!

These classes will work on developing a wide variety of skills, taking each student's existing skill set and bringing it to the next level.  We work on splits and back bends, or tosses with clubs and ribbon.  Whatever your goal is, your coach will help you get closer to it through weekly guidance and coaching. 

Several times per year, the Rising Stars students participate in shows to demonstrate choreographed group dances, highlighting the skills they worked on during the year.  Occasionally, our Rising Stars students may participate in other local exhibitions  and community events--some may even learn a routine to participate in competition!