Our History

Some dreams do come true... just ask Smaranda Albeck, founder of Rhythmic Dreams.

While studying for her MBA at MIT, Smaranda Albeck decided to leave her career in management consulting to open this non-profit rhythmic gymnastics program. Starting off with six students in 2002, and growing to over 400 enrolled today, this unique program is one of the only ones in the US primarily dedicated to rhythmic gymnastics.

Here, young children can significantly improve their fitness and be introduced to rhythmic gymnastics, while simultaneously working alongside competitive gymnasts. Our athletes train in one of two spacious and professional facilities, featuring high ceilings and ballet areas.

In 2003 Rhythmic Dreams hosted its first international competition, Boston Cup, and over the years has hosted competitors from over 25 countries, including former Olympians and national champions. This event offered an opportunity for our gymnasts to explore other cultures and be surrounded with top-grade gymnasts from around the world.

Rhythmic Dreams has truly found a place on the international rhythmic gymnastics map, with our top gymnasts traveling to many foreign countries for competitions. It has been an eye-opening and colorful journey for our rhythmic gymnastics school, but there is always room to grow and improve. Every day, the staff at Rhythmic Dreams listens to the gymnasts and parents to make everyone's experience in the gym an enjoyable one. In these 12 years since our grand opening, we have succeeded in spreading the passion for rhythmic gymnastics within the local community, providing a safe and professional space for women and girls of all ages to participate in this unique sport.