Birthday Party Release Form:

By signing this release, I give permission to my child and/or ward___________ age_____ to participate in Rhythmic Dreams activities. I acknowledge  rhythmic gymnastics is an active sport which requires strength, agility, and concentration and involves twisting, turning, jumping, flexing, extension, and rotation,  movements which can result in severe, permanent personal injuries, included but not limited to bruising, strained, sprained, or torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments, broken bones, derangement or dislocation of joints, paralysis or death. In case of emergency I give Rhythmic Dreams my permission to use its discretion in determining whether my child and/or ward requires medical attention and if so, to use discretion when transporting my child selecting a health care facility and obtaining treatment for him or her. I release Rhythmic Dreams, inc. and its employees from any and all liability for personal injury to me and to my child and/or ward before during or after my child's participation in Rhythmic Dreams activities. On behalf of myself and my child I AGREE to indemnify and hold harmless Rhythmic Dreams, inc. and employees from any and all claims, demands, costs, expenses and compensation arising out of the course or in any way related to any personal injury to me or my child.

I give permission to Rhythmic Dreams staff to make and display photographs of my child within their facilities, printed materials and/or their websites.

By signing below I acknowledge that I read, understood, and agreed with the above policies and the liability waiver.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day by bringing her friends together to share in the joy of rhythmic gymnastics. Parties can be conveniently scheduled for weekends, when your daughter’s favorite coaches are available to lead a workshop for all of your guests. Please contact us directly to schedule a fun and memorable day to celebrate her birthday!

During the party, your guests will participate in an hour and a half of games and exercises introducing them to the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics.  At the end of the workshop, they will be ready to put on a show for the parents, in cute costumes provided by us!  The birthday girl and her gymnastics friends will have an opportunity to present a solo routine, and, you may even be lucky to see a demonstration by your party leader, one of our top notch coaches, maybe a former national champion!

After the gymnastics part you will have private use of our ballet studio where you can serve cake and snacks to your guests.  Please provide all paperware and do your best to pick up at the end.  We will provide tables and chairs for all guests, and our state of the art facility will be at your disposal for the two hours you are there.  You will have access to our full kitchen with fridge, microwave and stove.  We do not provide goody bags but we will offer your guests one of our full color show programs full of colorful and inspiring pictures so they can continue practicing at home what they learned during the party.

The price for a birthday party is $350, or $300 for students enrolled at Rhythmic Dreams for up to 15 guests, with additional $10 per extra guest above 15.

We provide beautiful postcard invitations for you to send out to your friends - stop by to pick up a package.  Call us today to book a memorable party with us!